Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iced-coffee season.

What exactly marks spring?

Pastels in your wardrobe?
Bulbs emerging from the soil?
Little tiny sprouts of green on tree branches?
The scent of hyacinths and tulips under your nose?
Easter-egg candies at the check out of the grocery store?
The sun lingering just a few moments longer than usual?
Yes, why yes.

But nothing screams "spring!" and warm weather
like a freshly-poured cup of iced coffee.
When it's iced coffee weather, you know the times are a-changin'.

Happy iced-coffee season! :)


  1. All of that, plus sniffly noses, now! I've never had a problem with allergies before, but I had the flu right before the spring pollen rush hit Arkansas and now I'm dying!

  2. just stumbled upon your blog, love it! and i agree - iced coffee does mark spring beginning :)

    looking forward to reading more!


  3. Haha it's totally iced coffee that means winter is over!