Friday, February 24, 2012

meet the authors

Ciao all!

As we develop our blog and its additional pages, I thought it'd be nice to meet you all!
My mom and I are so excited to be starting this blog together
and dipping our toes into the blogosphere.

I'm Taylor, and my mom is Andrea.
We are both drawn to the same things.
Sharing a blog is the perfect way to fuse our interests!
We both love travel, photography, and learning about history.
We love our jobs as teachers.
We both jump at any opportunity to play trivia games or jeopardy
(we have an affinity towards useless, random, but totally cool facts).
We both love margherita pizza, summertime gardens, and a strong cup of hot coffee.

We are each others' cheerleaders.
When I need a pep talk, I know who to go to.
Vice versa!

I am so pleased to be posting my first entry on 'two of us.'
Hope you come to read back next week!


  1. How fun! Sounds like a great project for the two of you!

  2. So cute!!! beautiful blog!

    Let's visit mine and if you like it follow me, i will be really grateful :)
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

    Have a nice day!

  3. This is so sweet :) Can't wait to see what exciting posts are to come!

    Be Frassy