Thursday, February 23, 2012

a first time for everything

How exhilarating - my first blog post!  I don't even know where to begin!  
I am so accustomed to writing formally - for a newspaper, for school, for work.  
Writing casually will be something new for me! 
 There is so much beauty in this world , and I consider myself blessed in so many ways.
  Too often people settle on the negative, whether in word or deed. 
 I choose differently; I would much rather write about good than bad. 
 But then, isn't that the purpose of a blog? 
To celebrate everyday joys?  
That's my reason for this blog.  

1. Coffee: not a drink, an event.
2.Italy: where I will find myself again.
3.Flowers: Earth's way of smiling.
4. Books: the thrill of the unknown. 

Added benefit: getting to learn the ropes from my lovely daughter!  
Thanks for reading!


  1. Your first post and I already love your blog! Can't wait to read future posts!


  2. Welcome to the blogging world! I am looking forward to more and more posts :)

  3. wonderful pictures! welcome back in the blogger world :)
    maren anita

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